Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, where  you can expect to find posts on a variety of subjects, though most of my writing tends to be a bit pensive, thoughtful, reflective, kinda like me.  However, I do enjoy a good laugh and might break out into some humor if you’re lucky.

I consider motherhood my greatest joy and may write about my daughters, now grown, and my grandchildren. I have endured almost 25 years of a debilitating chronic illness and writing has been a cathartic process for me throughout the years. Any posts addressing such topics are, hopefully, an inspiration instead of a downer. Optimism is also my nature, despite many bouts with depression.

I love the beach and spend as much time as I can at our little beach home, Wake and Sea, at Holden Beach, NC.  It is here that I get my batteries charged and my best writing done. My primary residence, however, is in Wake Forest, NC, where I’ve lived since 1988. I love this town. The quaint locale, like Mayberry when I raised my girls, has grown right before my very eyes. We used to have to drive to Raleigh for a modern grocery store, down “the bumpy road,” past horse farms to get there. Now Wake Forest sports shopping centers, drug stores, a Wal-Mart even; gas stations, multiple schools, a revitalized downtown, and so much more. Mostly, this is all good. Yet I love to reflect on simpler times, even if memories embellish a nostalgia more storybook than factual. I mean, why not? That’s just one of the reasons I love  being a writer.

Prompt writings are a particularly fun for me. These are timed writings where you cannot stop the pen from moving, the thoughts from flowing, morphing into surprises until the ding of the timer sounds. A true mix of fact and fiction, the words that find themselves on my pages often, usually, surprise even me. Take these with a grain of salt. I do!

Thanks for following.  Comments or questions are always welcome.




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