Another off the cuff prompt writing: 35 minutes: “Forever” GO!


Forever is a long, long time. Decisions, choices, paths taken in an instant can affect РDO  affect Рyour life forever. And I mean, FOREVER!

“Mate selection,” as someone called it recently. Now there’s a choice that affects one’s life tremendously. The little souls brought forth in human body as a result – unique experiments on this earth plane, as all of us are.

Forever can feel oppressive, like “when will this ever end?” Forever can feel boring, like how much longer until something different – better or worse – comes along? Forever can feel awesome, like “I could do this forever!

Forever is a promise we make, but do not always keep. For it is impossible to know with certainty how we will feel when “forever” gets here. We can try. We can try and promise forever, until death do us part, but you really don’t know for sure how that will turn out, do you? Not by the statistics of divorce in this country today. Not by the tabloids featuring broken marriages for all the public to see as they wait in line at the Food Lion, purchasing salad-in-a-bag with an expiration date in just 6 days – that’s the freshest she could find. The almond milk will last almost a month. The can of Lesueur tiny green peas over a year. But nothing in that store will last forever. Well, maybe the Saran Wrap, plastic things that won’t decompose – nope, not even in a landfill while even her unborn grandchildren walk this earth.

Grandchildren. Children. Family.

Now there’s something that lasts forever. Forever, as in tracing one’s roots back as far as geneology records can be deciphered, exposed, uncovered. And as far ahead as we can possibly imagine – which really only goes for a few generations for me, but could go on forever, if we don’t destroy this planet first.

Forever. Forever is the love I have for my children. No divorcing there. No matter what they do or say, or don’t do or don’t say, I cannot imagine that my love for them would ever end. Ever. Memories of happy faces in swings, singing “fingin’, fingin’, fingin” in a sing-song voice, as birds and butterflies complete the wooded backyard scene, the devoted family dog on duty, walking, sniffing around, plopping down in the sun with one eye open – Spatts, the Sentry, guarding his people, always. Forever, really, if you believe ¬†that sort of thing, which I do. In my mind’s eye, I see Spatts, Bailey, Tip all happily running around together in a heaven of freedom, looking down on us all – Hallie, Caroline, me – sending protective, loving energy to us, without our even realizing. Waiting for us patiently, as they always did on earth. For when it’s time for our bodies to transition and our souls to join the Great Forever, they’ll be there to greet us. I do believe some things are forever.